Review: Journey to Aviad (4 stars!)

Review: Journey to Aviad
Review: Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quote-tastic & Immersifying!

In a fantasy world where nothing is as it seems, a child is caught in the battle between good and evil, Heaven and Hell. When I began reading, I was immediately pulled in. The elegant writing sang to my soul. The Biblical references intrigued me. I began highlighting and highlighting. I highlighted, “Aviad [the God figure] always takes care of his own. When He calls you, He does so with good purpose, and He will remain with you to whatever end.” A few pages later I highlighted, “true spiritual freedom involves courage, strength of character, and even sometimes sacrifice.”

As I learned about each character, I desired to know more about them. I felt like their history existed just beyond my reach and, surely, if I just continued reading, all would be revealed. As different situations were presented, I went from being enraptured by elegant writing to amused by humorous writing to nervous about a scene conclusion, settled by certain outcomes, and then sad when specific characters left me.

Although there was so much of this book I loved, I have a few things to mention. Confusion arose when I realized I was almost done with the book! I didn’t understand how it could be almost over. I still had so many questions, so much still needed to happen. And then it was over and I was not presented with a satisfying conclusion. As a reader, be warned, you may want to ensure you have access to book two when you prepare to finish this book. Also Journey to Aviad was not high on the conflict/action/tension/edge of your seat circumstances chart. It was more of a slow/get to know the characters and setting/start of a series book.

All in all, great book! If this is the kind of thing you enjoy reading, it is perfect for you! Enjoy. 🙂

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