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SlumberingA Great (Christ Honoring) Gift for any Avid YA Reader!

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I first saw Slumbering on Amazon, I fell in love with the cover. Instantly I knew I needed it on my shelf. In fact, reading the description was just my GIBC (greedy inner book collector) humoring protocol before snatching a copy.

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That being said, I did not fall in love with the prologue as quickly as I did the cover. I was confused and quickly lost. The experience was even slightly jarring. If this happens to you, you must continue reading. It is worth it!

Even though I was originally jarred, the more I think about it, the more I like it. And let me just say, the prologue is not the only thing in Slumbering you will find out of the norm. This YA does not feature a female lead who feels too plain, falls in love with a handsome jock, and has a best friend who is so much prettier than her (Not that I’m hating!). The main character – are you ready for this?

The main character IS the handsome jock!

And he is not humble. Dinger is not considerate. He does not fall for the plain girl who is so much prettier than she realizes. He deems the prettiest girl in school worthy of his affections. [Sing-Song Voice] And he’s about to be knocked down a few pegs!!

[Back to regular voice] Normally I don’t take the time to highlight this aspect of a story in a review, but, let’s face it – I find this aspect hilarious. Wanting to hate a character but being unable to (because you love them) is a very confusing, yet entertaining, mixture of emotions.

There were a few things I should mention. Sometimes I had a hard time believing characters would make certain choices. I also struggled with picturing some scenes. However, I believe these things will fade away as the series and characters become more concrete. Slumbering is a great read and, even with these hiccups I encountered, worthy of your bookshelf.

I appreciate that C.S. Johnson is bold and out of the box. I appreciate that, with this series, anything can happen.Tweet This

Slumbering not only presented an intriguing story NOW, it promised so much MORE story to come!

Very rarely do I come across a self-published series starter that sells me on finishing the series. Slumbering did. Several times I have enjoyed a series starter, considered it worthy of 3-5 stars, and moved on to a different book/series without even considering book 2. Yet, Slumbering (Book one of The Starlight Chronicles) captured my attention and I can’t wait to start book two. And I WILL be starting book two soon, do you know why??


That’s right! Check out my TBR(OAT)! My “To Be Read On A Train” list.

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