Review: The Truth: Salvatore’s Revenge

The Truth: Salvatore's Revenge
The Truth: Salvatore’s Revenge by Ta`Mara Hanscom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let’s start by saying The Truth: Salvatore’s Revenge is, indeed, a very good book. In fact, it deserves to be called a great book! Other than being hilarious, The Truth is a great story on its own…as well as a wonderful continuation of the series. Yes, I said it’s a great story on its own, it’s true, the author fills you in enough for you to not need the other four books in your brain. However, you shouldn’t skip the other books because of this review. They are all very entertaining.

Personally not being one for the Romance genre, I’m grateful this book provides a great read with a little “romance” on the side. This way I can enjoy the book and still get just the right amount of my girly “Awwwwe” in.

To avoid spoilers in this section, and still say what I want, I have a purposefully vague statement: Tamara Hanscom does a wonderful job of putting a pretty bow on one package while simultaneously sending us another to open and enjoy! This leaves me excited to see what’s next… And you should be too!

Slight spoilers and girly “awwwes” below this point!

It was encouraging to see a story that demonstrates the wonderful fact: God’s got it! You don’t have to go looking or hunting for a significant other. Follow God’s direction and when it’s time, God will make it happen. We may say we know this, but we still need to hear, see and read it. I don’t think there can ever be too much encouragement to wait on God.

One more thing, Alyssa’s feelings for a certain someone develop without the relationship becoming inappropriate… Another whammy!

I must say thank you to the wonderful author who supplied me with such a splendid read. Keep up the good work, Tamara!

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