Charlie’s Interview on the Sally Mally Show

charlie interview

Sally: As usual on my show, today we have something new! Everyone join me in greeting our first child guest…. The boy determined to change the world, Charlie Jenkins!!

Charlie enters, walking slowly. Almost imperceptibly, he whispers… into his jacket? Then, seeming more confident, approaches Sally Mally.

Sally: Oh, Charlie, welcome! Welcome! Please, sit, sit. Isn’t he just the cutest little thing? My, you must tell me how you plan to change this world.

Charlie: Ummm…

Sally: Don’t be shy! This world could use a little changing, I’m sure! Tell, me, I heard a rumor of this starting because you turned in a tall tale paper about flying to Thailand. How in the world did you come up with that?

Charlie: Well, it’s, but first, you see..I saw a documentary on TV.

Sally: That doesn’t sound that interesting…

Charlie: And it talked all about Thailand. About refugees from Vietnam and bad streets, and Child slavery too! So, I started thinking, that’s all bad, it needs to change! That’s when I..

Sally: Why on Earth were there refugees from Vietnam? (Sally seemed to have not heard the rest of his speech.)

Charlie: Oh, well, they had been persecuted for being Christians and gave up everything for Jesus…

Sally: You have such a wonderful vocabulary! Doesn’t he? (She asked the audience) “Refugees,” “Persecuted.” I bet your parents are so proud!

Charlie: Yes, they are. But, back to what I was saying, (talking very quickly) Many families are choosing to leave everything they have ever known in order to continue being a Christian. Thailand actually has lots of families like this! And bad people that kidnap kids and force them to beg! I… (Here he stood. But appeared to gulp down whatever sentence he was about to say.) The documentary was very…vivid. I felt like I was there. And what these kids go through….It needs to STOP.

Sally: Now, now, everybody goes through bad things. The Christians you speak of seem foolish. And as for the children, how do you plan to change that?

Charlie: I want people to know whats happening, and, and I want people to pray for those kids.

Sally: Well, now people know, you are on my show, after all. But, come on, prayer? You seemed to have a brain in that cute head of yours. I never would have thought you were a Christian…

Charlie: Well, I’m not, well, not…yet? It’s complicated. But I know prayer works!

Sally: Sure you do. (Sally had lost interest in the conversation) Thanks for coming, Let us know how that praying thing goes. (Sally chuckled and waived Charlie off the stage.) I expected more from him. (She mumbled as he retreated.)

(The Sally Mally Show is completely fictional for entertainment purposes. Mr. Jenkins can be found in The Evidence.)

Thanks for reading!

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