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Let’s Quest, You and I

Melkorka Cover

“Branimir┬áBaran cowered away from the copper ore heating in the open hearth. He could not keep his heart from beating in his chest, knowing this would be the first weapon to ever have been crafted at Melkorka. (Melkorka by Joshua Robertson)” I found this little gem at Comic-Con in Austin. My first time at comic-con …

Mighty God Girls: An Adorable Devotional I’ve Just Acquired

Mighty God Girls Devotional Cover

Do you have a girly between the ages of 7-11? If so, I have discovered what looks like a great addition for your home library! Mighty God Girls: a to z devotionals by Mandy Fender. I have not read it yet, but I will be working through it with Abi (my 7 year old nibling) …