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Review: The Prodigal Platypus: The story of God’s endless ove and forgiveness

I can’t express enough how much I love this book. I enjoyed it so much that it is hard for me to write an objective review… And it’s a children’s picture book!

Charlie and the Bee: The Final Chapter


Charlie and the Bee Chapter 5 PLOP! I landed in the boys bathroom at school.Luckily, no one was in the bathroom to see me magically appear out of thin air and crash to the floor. Unfortunately, I was afraid I would have a bruise on my rear end. I got to my feet and glanced …

Charlie and the Bee: Chapter 4


Charlie and the Bee Chapter 4 Bottom stair? What bottom stair? All that’s left is smithereens! The club came down again. Goodbye second stair! “Miss Bee, what do I do?!” I yelled. Goliath looked like he was going to pound me. “That’s up to you.” Miss Bee buzzed. So helpful…. Just then the stairs shook …

Charlie and the Bee: Chapter 3


Charlie and the Bee Chapter 3 “Hello! Miss Bee?” I had already circled the room once, and was now walking towards the door of the first room I had seen. “Hello!” I called again. I opened the door and ,just as I was walking through the doorway, I heard what sounded like a lion roar. …

Charlie and the Bee: Chapter 2


Charlie and the Bee Chapter 2 Ker-plunk! My backside came in swift contact with a cold, hard, floor. I had no idea where I was. I could see absolutely nothing because it was pitch black. “Oh my!” I heard the bee exclaim. Unfortunately, she was still with me. “I’ll say.” I mumbled as I got …

Charlie and the Bee: Chapter 1


Charlie and the Bee Chapter 1 I’d like to start by saying I was eating my delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the cafeteria with all my friends. Unfortunately, I can say no such thing. Why, you ask? I don’t like going in the cafeteria, that’s Billy the Bully’s domain. If I go in …

I’m Having a Thought….

I just spent a week nannying five children while their parents took a well deserved and very much needed mini vacation. While I was there, I noticed none of the children, not even the 14 year old, thought having siblings was a good thing. I understand it is hard to enjoy your siblings when you …